How Does Organic Skin Care Differ From Natural Skin Care?

Maklon Kosmetik

Do you know the difference between organic skin care and natural skin care products? Is there a difference, and, if so, is it an important issue for you to consider?

Many people can become confused by these terms and, frankly, the regulating authorities are not making it any easier for consumers. There are many skin care formulas on the average retail shelf that state that they are “All Natural” or are “Organic”, but most are not all natural or truly organic in nature. It is unfortunate, but true, that marketing and advertising claims alone will not alert you to the true ingredients that are contained in many of these products. In order for you to know what exactly is in a product, you have to read the ingredients list.

Here is a good way to read ingredient lists and know what is in the product. By law, all skin care products, natural or otherwise, must be labeled with the ingredients that they contain in descending order of their quantity within the product. You should divide the ingredient list into thirds. The top third of the ingredients listed usually contains 90-95% of the product. The middle third usually contains 5-8% of the product, and the bottom third, 1-3% of the total product.

The reason people want to use natural products is simple. As more research is done on chemical based products, we are learning that some of the ingredients used in these products can be harmful to our skin. Many of these products contain harsh chemicals that can easily lead to irritation as well as other health risks. Maklon Kosmetik For many consumers, avoiding these chemicals is the number one priority for using natural products.

So what is the difference between natural and organic? The main difference between the two is the use of pesticides and preservatives. Natural products, if they are truly natural and not simply being hyped as such, may contain ingredients that were exposed to pesticides while they were being grown or processed. Does this alone make them less desirable than, say, organic skin care products? Well, that depends on your own personal requirements as well as the amount of pesticides that may have been used during farming or cultivation. It should be noted that it is nearly impossible to know for certain the amount or even the type of pesticides that may have been used.

So called “natural” products can also be misleading to consumers in another way. It is legal for manufacturers to label product ingredients as being “derived from” and then add the name of some natural compound such as coconut oil. Consumers should be careful when they see this type of labeling because, frankly, when the processing and extraction process of these “natural” ingredients is completed, the end product is anything but natural. More often than not, these products contain chemical by-products encountered through chemical processing, and you should avoid any skin care formulas manufactured using these methods.

Organic skin care products, on the other hand, are not grown with the use of pesticides. They are also not supposed to include preservatives in their formulations. Most of the well known brands follow these principles, but, again, consumers should be careful. Recent changes in this industry have allowed the best skin care companies to use the words “Certified Organic” in their labeling. When you see this wording on a product label, you can be relative assured that the product contained is truly organic.

On the issue of which type of product is best, natural or organic, the best advice is to lean toward organic skin care products whenever possible; with the caveat to make sure that the product is a certified product. The reason for leaning this way is because so many natural products are simply not natural at all. Advertising claims made by several companies are misleading to consumers, and some of their tricks are hard to detect. There are, of course, some brands that are truly formulated with all natural and organic ingredients and you should consider using those formulas. It is important that you read the ingredient list very carefully and be suspicious of any ingredients that are labeled as being derived from some other ingredient.

One thing is for sure, when you use truly natural or truly organic skin care products you are doing yourself and your skin a favor. The chemical based products that are being sold today can have long term effects on your health and some of these compounds may even cause cancer if used for long periods of time.