OKC population growth warrants investments in turnpikes

The Kilpatrick Turnpike is pictured May 20 at SW 15 in Yukon.

As the initially Oklahoman to at the same time serve in both equally roles as secretary of the Oklahoma Transportation Section and government director of Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, my viewpoint on turnpikes is uniquely holistic from an in general transportation systemwide viewpoint. 

All people would like great, risk-free roadways from Level A when they pull out of their driveway to Place B when they arrive at their location. Just one of our accomplishments for the duration of my tenure was  Transportation Section engineers intended and innovated the “Briffin Barrier,” the first superior-tension median barrier that turned the nationwide conventional and saved thousands of lives. Oklahomans innovated that! 

Right after driving on city and county roads, a driver reaches highways and interstates built and managed by the Transportation Department. The  Transportation Section cash for continual upkeep of roadways are minimal by state appropriations and finance buildings. For the duration of the 1980s and 1990s, as regional roadways and condition highways were being getting congested, building deterioration at a swift rate, the limits positioned on  Transportation Section funding could not maintain up with the servicing. Exactly where was the visitors supposed to go? 

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Consequently, urban turnpikes became important to guarantee great, safe roads. The Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma Town and the Creek Turnpike in Tulsa were developed to reduce congestion on point out highways, interstates, county roads and town roads.