United Airlines Business Class Menu Typo Is Delicious Irony

A United Airways Polaris small business course menu dispersed to travellers before this week incorporates a typo that can only be explained as mouth watering irony.

Important Typo On United Airways Menu

Most United flyers are of the feeling proper now that catering on longhaul flights in Polaris business enterprise class leaves a great deal to be wanted. Even though the presentation has recently improved, the top quality has been minimize and the portions downsized. Many report their foods inedible (however I did not obtain it quite as bad on my flight from London to LA).

Just one annoyance has been a absence of menus, which power flight attendants to have to explain the 3-4 alternatives accessible verbally to just about every passenger. Quite a few just simplify it to “beef, fish, or pasta.” Paper menus were being intended to return this thirty day period, but have been delayed in some marketplaces.

In London, some form soul (possibly a truly excellent flight attendant or the catering staff there) made a decision to build their individual menu. When the gesture is perfectly-intentioned and appreciated, a person forgot to proofread:

Hilariously, United is misspelled “Untied” which truly about sums up the lousy catering problem on United ideal now in contrast to its peers.

Longtime readers will know that this is a repeated typo that I have made over the decades (among my many typos…). But I’m just a recreational blogger, not the airline alone!

My guess is that this was a flight attendant, who likely was tired of owning to demonstrate the 4 selections to every passenger in a organization course cabin with 40-50 seats. This is a really good approach…save for the spelling mistake.


Somebody at United Airways confirmed good initiative in creating a paper menu…but misspelled United. Even though the mistake does not trouble a long-term misspeller like me, I had to chuckle at the tasty irony. It is time for United to provision printed menus…and much better food items onboard in Polaris enterprise course.