VantageDUO: New Narrow Body Business Class Seat

Preferred aircraft seat company Thompson Aero has unveiled a new small business class seat. It’s very innovative and has potential, even though I’m not certain the sector for it is that enormous, or that there are not also some negatives.

Thompson Aero’s new single aisle company class

Thompson Aero has released VantageDUO, a model new small business course seating strategy. Most organization class innovation is targeted at the superior finish of the market place, particularly lengthy haul flat beds with doorways. This, in the meantime, is specific at a unique current market. Specifically, it is supposed to be an alternative to your standard regional recliner small business course seat, and it’s also especially made for slender overall body aircraft.

Right here are some of the fundamentals of the Thompson Aero VantageDUO seat:

  • Seats are in a 2-2 configuration on slender overall body jets, and have 41″ of pitch (for context, domestic initial course seats in the United States normally have 36-37″ of pitch)
  • Seats are angled absent from the aisle, in get to cut down seat pitch
  • Although most seats with a similar footprint feature up to 110 levels of recline, these seats function 130 degrees of recline
  • Seats have a mounted shell, so you won’t be reclining into any one else’s area
  • When reclined, seats have a zero gravity position, “taking strain off the coronary heart and permitting a stress-totally free position”
  • Seats can function 13.3″ own televisions, AC and USB ability shops, wi-fi charging, storage pockets for water bottles and tablets, and the means to have seat figures written into the seat cloth
  • Even though window seats really don’t have immediate aisle obtain, they have a larger counter place, many thanks to the footwell underneath that space

Beneath are some of the highlighted functions of the seats, some photographs, and a video of the solution.

Thompson Aero VantageDUO seat characteristics
Thompson Aero VantageDUO cabin rendering
Thompson Aero VantageDUO seat rendering

My acquire on the Thompson Aero VantageDUO seat

It is fascinating to see a exceptional new regional small business course item, simply because it’s a market place where by we really do not see much creativity. For example, Delta a short while ago released a new 1st class seat on its Airbus A321neos, and that’s just about the most innovation we’ve witnessed in this place otherwise (and it is undoubtedly moderately evolutionary, rather than revolutionary).

Delta A321neo first class cabin

The 1st question is which airlines would even contemplate a product like this? Narrow overall body plane are continuing to fly additional and additional, many thanks to planes like the approaching A321XLR, so there is a need to have for far more consolation. Frequently talking:

  • I would not hope to see this in domestic first class on US airways, simply because US airways most likely wouldn’t be prepared to enhance seat pitch from 37-38″ to 41″ (the only exception is Alaska, which has additional generous pitch)
  • I could see some far more premium airways using this as their regional enterprise class seat for case in point, the pitch is comparable to Turkish Airlines’ A321neo and 737 MAX business enterprise class, so this appears to be like a fantastic replacement there
  • In idea this also looks like it could be a excellent top quality economy merchandise for airways that choose to set up that on A321XLRs, but yet again, the pitch is just a bit way too much
Turkish Airways A321neo business enterprise course cabin
Turkish Airways A321neo small business course cabin

Desire for this merchandise aside, would this be a substantial passenger experience update? I think the positive aspects in this article are clear, which includes amplified seat recline. Even so, there are also some opportunity downsides:

  • The actuality that the airline is “saving” area by angling seats absent from the aisle also raises issues about seat width, since there is only so much usable room without slicing into the aisle
  • Portion of the performance from this product or service comes from the use of a footwell, and I have not yet observed a picture of what the footwell would search like in this seat no person likes acquiring to location their feet in a little footwell
  • Even though a preset shell is wonderful in phrases of not intruding into the space of the passenger driving you, it raises far more concerns about how roomy this merchandise basically is
  • I feel like the ideal comparison to this may possibly be Cathay Pacific’s regional enterprise class seat, which also attributes more recline than conventional and a fixed shell even so, I’m not sure I enjoy it, as it type of feels like being in a dentist’s chair
Cathay Pacific A330 company class cabin
Cathay Pacific A330 organization course seat

Base line

Thompson Aero has unveiled a new narrow human body small business course seat, named VantageDUO. The seat will have 41″ of pitch, so it’s quite successful, and will aspect 130 levels of recline, way additional than comparable seats. A lot of will also recognize the preset shell, considering that it suggests you won’t have any one reclining into your room.

Whilst all of that sounds good, presumably this elevated recline will come at a price tag ease and comfort-sensible, and I can not support but surprise whether this solution may well just come to feel a little bit claustrophobic. I’m curious to see if any airlines get this merchandise, and I’ll reserve judgment until I’m in fact capable to attempt this seat.

What do you make of Thompson Aero’s new VantageDUO idea?